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About Flechacar

“Flechacar” is a team of people who truly loves Tenerife island. Not long ago, we came here as visitors and soon realized that we didn’t want to leave this place. Once you explore the island, you learn that this place is a paradise: it has the finest climate, stunning views, plenty of entertaining activities, and many secluded places where you can enjoy quietness without being disturbed. Despite the remoteness from the continent, you still feel the spirit of Western Europe; constant development of infrastructure and technology serves as a good example of even brighter future of the island. Along with innovations, the island still retains its own spirit which makes this place so unforgettably unique. That is why our company’s goal is to provide excellent quality services to guests, so they can truly enjoy their time exploring the island. We are always open to your suggestions for improving our services, and happy to help and share any information about the island, in order for you to fall in love with Tenerife the way we did not a long time ago.

To provide the high quality of services our team works hard every day. New, clean and filled cars there are only part of what we offer you. With the great pleasure, we will tell you where to go, where to stay and how to spend your vacation unforgettable. Our team will meet you with the smile and share with you our good mood. Also you can enjoy coffee or tea while expecting the car in our cool waiting area.

In the case of online booking, our agents will quickly process your request and contact with you for confirmation. You also able to order through various mobile applications. For Your comfort, our mobile device has: WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram.

If You will need to check in or check out in the after-hours of our office, our agent, by prior arrangement, will be glad to “check in” / “check out” our “Flecha” at any time suitable for You. For each client we can find an individual approach. We are always ready to adopt, if it is possible, our terms for your needs.

Of course it is possible not to use the car during your vacation, but still, no excursion can fully satisfy your desires. It is so pleasant to visit and discover non-touristic places. Stay for a while at any interesting for you place, spend the whole day if want on Teide, visit every beach of the island without fear of missing your bus.

Don’t hesitate and book now a car that will make your journey unforgettable and the way you want!