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Car rental in Los Cristianos

Rent a car with free delivery service to Los Cristianos.

We deliver your car for free in case of reservation for more than 7 days in any point of Los Cristianos. If you want to order a delivery service for reservation less than 7 days we charge you extra, about 10 euro due to the distance to delivery place and number of days. For asking about delivery service in time and place suitable for you, contact us at least 24 hours before. In other case we can’t make it due to your conditions. Los Cristianos is the main city of the south of the island. It situated just before Costa Adeje. There is no board between this districts. That’s why it is almost impossible to understand where is the end of one (and municipality of Arona) and beginning of another (and beginning of municipality Adeje). In the center of the city you will find the big main bus station and a lot of business centers and cafeterias. Here are almost all central offices of banks, insurance companies, main post office of the south and etcetera not far from station there is a cultural center and then small church with a square from this church you can find several streets with shops and restaurants that lead to the beach and port. Hotels of the Los Cristianos are on the other side of the city but usually the have direct path to the same beach. From the port of Los Cristianos you can take the ferries to some other islands. After the port you will find the main and most beautiful beach of the city Playa de las Vistas. Next to this beach you will see another chain of nice restaurants, Shisha Bars and clubs. All the disco clubs are in San Telmo center, they are mostly for the local people, because unlike Costa Adeje Los Cristianos is not 100% touristic zone. On the board of this two districts you can find one of our offices next to the hotels Udalla Park, Marola beach and Marola Portosin (Avenida Antonio Dominguez 16 “Flecha Car”)