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Roadside Assistance

Our company offer you service o technical support on roads. If on your way a car broke down, you got a flat tire or some failure warning is switched on call our 24-hour Customer support (+34) 674 110 078 24 and our team help you as soon as possible. We’ll replace a car in case of a failure, help you to replace a flat or damaged tire, we’ll figure out and resolve failure warnings or recommend you what to do depends on the situation.image1

Without the possibility of car’s replacement and further car usage because of trouble (for example if you are on the other island) you can call the tow truck by yourself by number of phone indicated in your contract or you can contact us and we’ll manage a situation. image2

Also if you got lost on the island and don’t know your location call us by phone and we’ll detect your location by tracker installed in every car. We’ll help you to correct your route and offer you some ways to get according your route.