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Tenerife North Airport

The north airport is situated in 10 km far from the capital Santa Cruz. This airport like the south one consists of only one terminal. Mostly it serves for the national and european flights. This airport has less services than the south one. Check-in for the national and European flights is started one hour before the flight, international — 2 hours before. Then it will be a small control zone and after a zone of duty free shopping. The zone of duty free shops doesn’t have a big variety of services or ristorantes. The passport control will be just before the gate to the plane. The exit for the arrivals is only one and it will lead to the taxi and bus station. If you go from or to Costa Adeje (the south of the island) by car it will take 1 hour, by bus 343 — 1,5 hour, and by taxi it will cost about 90 euros. If you go to or from North (Santa Cruz) by car it will take 10-15 minutes, by bus number 20 — 30 minutes.