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Toyota Yaris



7-speed automatic gearbox

Motor 1.5-liter

Multifunction sensor display

Air conditioning




Multifunction steering wheel

Rear view camera

Combined with light, easily manageable controls and a tight turning circle, the car makes for easy progress around town and is competent enough out of it to allow casual users to forget they’re driving it. It’s got light steering and lots of body movement through corners. This car a little noisy when accelerating but responsive and speedy. The ride is well controlled. Moderate fuel consumption. This car has a complex Toyota Safety Sense with Emergency Braking system Lane Assist lane keeping system. It’s a perfect choice for family trip or trip with friend company. A rear view camera helps when parking and maneuvering in tight spaces. Multifunction steering wheel, Rain-drop and light detectors, Bluetooth make your trip around the island comfortable and safety. It’s suitable for 5 persons.The trunk is spacy enough so you can put easily 2 big suitcases or a baby carriage. Also it’s suitable for people with disabilities as you can put in the trunk the wheelchair. if necessary it’s possible to increase the load space folding down the back seats. There’s a generous amount of manual adjustment forward and backwards and for the backrest angle for the driver’s seat and steering wheel all that help drivers of most shapes and sizes to find a suitable position quickly.