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Volkswagen Caddy



7-speed automatic gearbox DSG

Motor 2.0-liter

Multifunction sensor display

Climate control




Multifunction steering wheel

Rain-drop and light detectors

It’s a reliable car with enough of space. On the road the Caddy is good to drive and handles very much like a standard family hatchback, with light steering and lots of visibility from the large windscreen and side mirrors. The quality of the ride is also impressive, with its soft suspension providing lots of protection from potholes and speed bumps. Diesel engine fuel consumption economy is impressive. Its automatic gearbox is better than a manual one demonstrating good dynamic. For a mountainside trip, for example to Teide you can put it in sport mode. The interior is laconic and huge. The driving position is good with a firm, comfortable seat and loads of adjustment on the steering column. Space is good for passengers in the middle row and for users of the optional third row of two seats. Three rows of seats and two of them fold down in different positions. A sliding door makes getting in and out easy. The trunk is spacy enough so you can put in easily 4 big suitcases or a baby carriage. Also it’s suitable for people with disabilities as you can put in the trunk the wheelchair. The caddy is a car for calm family trip or for trips with friends. All the seats are situated for allow to 7 persons to feel themselves comfortable and with free space.