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Volkswagen Polo automatic


7-speed automatic gearbox DSG or 5-speed manual gearbox

Turbo motor 1.2-liter

Multifunction screen

Air conditioning



The steering is light and responsive. The suspension takes speed bumps and potholes in its stride, preventing them from crashing through to the interior. At higher motorway speeds, the Polo remains stable and smooths away rough surfaces. Accelerate quickly and has got different useful systems: Hill-Start assist control, the tire pressure monitoring system, stop-start technology to save fuel. Automatic gearbox is equal to manual and suitable for mountainside roads of Tenerife. The trunk is spacy enough so you can put easily 2 big suitcases or a baby carriage. Also it’s suitable for people with disabilities as you can put in the trunk the wheelchair. if necessary it’s possible to increase the load space folding down the back seats. It’s the main unit of our fleet, because this car is universal and easy to drive. The medium size makes it easy to drive and park in the city and due to turbocharged petrol engine the car is powerful enough for driving up to the mountains especially to Teide. It is also worth noting that Polo has stop-start technology as standard, so there’s no need to seek out a particular model to get this useful feature which cuts the engine when you’re stationary in order to save fuel. There’s a generous amount of manual adjustment forward and backwards and for the backrest angle for the driver’s seat and steering wheel, and the seat itself provides good support. All this helps drivers of most shapes and sizes to find a suitable position quickly.